Home Coverage:

Standard home insurance policy covers your home, belongings, and liabilities. It’s important to compare companies because there may be additional enhancements provided at no additional cost.

When searching for home insurance, there are two important characteristics of coverage to look out for.

The 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Home Insurance Study ranked the top fifteen insurance companies based on customer satisfaction. Trondson Insurance Agency provides seven of these top fifteen with Allstate being number three. Like any insurance coverage, it is important to do enough research and establish a relationship with an actual agent to find the best policy for you and your home.

  1. Price
  2. Coverage estimates

But from here, it is highly recommended to look for customer satisfaction ratings to get the best impression.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost (100%) vs. Extended Replacement Cost (25%):

A selection of providers offers Guaranteed Replacement Cost which means they will pay for the full cost of rebuilding your house back to its previous size and specifications. Extended Replacement Cost provides a fund to dip into to repair your home. However, this is a predetermined amount set that may not cover the full cost of repairs. Erie, Chubb, Encompass, Travelers, AIG, and MetLife all include this special feature. 

Flood Insurance:

If you are a Tennessee resident, Erie insurance also specializes in flood insurance on your home. Learn more to see if you qualify.

Erie Flood Insurance Coverage

Source: JDP Power

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